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“In the ever-changing and competitive construction industry, it is important that Brockmiller Construction’s accounting practices are up-to-date and consistent with industry standards.  It is  essential that our company make well-informed financial decisions; establish successful relationships with clients, banks, and bonding companies; and adhere to special tax regulations that relate to the construction industry. 

For the last ten years, Thurman, Shinn & Company has assisted Brockmiller Construction with annual audits, provided income tax advice, prepared annual income tax returns, informed us of payroll tax and human resource updates, and advised us in multiple financial decisions.  It is with this continued assistance, that we are able to meet our financial goals, and remain a successful and competitive general contractor in southeast Missouri. 

By partnering with Thurman, Shinn & Company, your organization will not only receive knowledgeable advice, but you will find that they are able to relate that knowledge to your specific business needs, and help you to apply it to your daily operations.”

-Paul Brockmiller, Owner of Brockmiller Construction

“I own 22 Taco Bell restaurants in an area extending from north of St. Louis down into southern Illinois. It is a lot of work running a successful quick serve business. On top of that one must comply with all the changes rolling out of Washington every year. To simplify that part of my business, I rely on Thurman, Shinn & Company. They have seen my financial picture develop over the last several years and keep me ahead of the game tax wise. They also offer me good advice on how to keep my expense ratios in line. I have worked with two other accounting firms, but have found the staff at Thurman Shinn & Company to be much more knowledgeable. Any type of minor change that is made to the tax laws, Lee is right there informing me of what might transpire so it gives me a chance to plan my business as opposed to having to react. They have been nothing but an asset to me and my business. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my financials.” 

-Rafe Montgomery

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